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Her morning walk

Behind the collection

Earlier this year, I sold a tiny little painting called 'The Morning Walk' - it kicked off a series of sales and changed the way I felt about my art, hopefully forever.

My latest collection, 'Her morning walk' is an ode to this first piece and contains seven artworks celebrating the joys and benefits of spending time alone in nature.

The original

The original painting that became a muse...


Sophie lives in the moment, she appreciates the little things and reminds the viewer to stop and smell the flowers. 


Let your mind drift off to another place and time.

Is it Paris in the springtime, or maybe Rome in the summertime?

Anything is possible with a good book and a cosy coffee.


Elise is a true testament to feminine beauty.


Amelie reminds us not to take everything so seriously, wear the bow, wear the red lip, buy the art, drink the wine.


Enjoy your life.


Grace is mindful on her morning walk. She breathes in deep, takes note of what she sees, what she hears, what she smells and what she can touch.

Camille (& Lulu)

Camille (& Lulu) represent the most beautiful relationship of all, that between a woman and her Frenchie.


Daphne is a classic woman in a modern world. She is confident, she is beautiful, she is always thinking.

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